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Easy on the body – shock absorption

All-rubber plank (1-inch thick) provides safe, joint-friendly surface. Absorbs impact of lead foot, greatly reducing repetitive stress / joint pain in ankles, knees, hips

Quick Assembly / Take-down

Other WINDMILL PITCHING TRAINING AIDS take forever to set up and break down. Our DEVICE sets up in 2 minutes or less and has you TRAINING the FASTPITCH WINDMILL mechanics with maximum efficiency.

No-Slip Grip

Users wearing standard gym shoes will NOT slide on the plank’s no-slip grip top surface.

Safe for indoor gym floors, tiled hallways, etc, as well as outdoor: concrete or blacktop driveways and, of course, the infield of your local ballpark, etc.

Light and Compact

Five plank segments (and remaining parts) weigh about 30 lbs and easily fit into an equipment bag (about the same size as a catcher’s equipment bag).

Patented Heel Guides

“Force” good technique by prohibiting sideways “spin” of rear heel prematurely and forces the pitcher to have total forward movement PRIOR to the hips turning.

Include insertable tabs that securely fasten the guides to the raised rubber (plate) – exactly like the one in an actual pitcher’s circle.


The primary components of this super-efficient fastpitch windmill training device, are made from recycled rubber tires that are ground up into tiny “crumbs”.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Put us to the test! Use the Pitchers’ Plank for up to 30 days. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund (less shipping costs).

Just drop us a line at support@pitchersplank.com to take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Made in America

All parts are made with pride in America!

What is the Pitchers' Plank

If you're focused on becoming a great pitcher, order your Pitchers' Plank pitching aid today

The Pitchers' Plank is a revolutionary softball pitching aid. It "forces" the pitcher to emphasize BIO-MECHANICALLY CORRECT use of the body's core muscles, in order to produce the movements that will achieve optimum results.

The Pitchers' Plank is perfect for bucket dads who can just catch for their daughter and not have to worry about critiquing this aspect of the windmill pitch.

  • More power ultimately produces more pitch velocity.

  • Pitchers have reported increases in fastball speed of 5 mph after regular work on the Pitchers' Plank in only 2 weeks.

  • The Pitchers' Plank provides instant feedback - patented heel guides and goalposts keep the pitcher's form correct.

  • The Pitchers' Plank is intended for indoor, off-season use. It can be used outdoors (on flat and smooth surfaces).

If you're focused on becoming a great pitcher, order the Pitchers' Plank pitching aid today

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